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Screen image width needs to be worked out with several factors being considered (please read about aspect ratio before making the final decision).

1) The bottom of the screen should be on the same level as your knees when you sit on the sofa. This ensures you are getting the experience of looking into your screen image and the sweet spot would be central to the image so you dont need to look up and down to follow the image. That leads to the next issue!

2) You are watching a movie, not a tennis match. So you want to limit the tracking of  your eyes to the left and right. The further you are away from the screen the more restful on the eyes - no one wants a cinema head ache. However you do want that wide screen experience. Best if the sofa can be positioned at least 1.5X away from the screen width. Optimum is down to you but 2x the screen width is often best with a colour wheeled projector.

3) Now we have the width, typically somewhere about 2.5 to 3 meters wide. We need to check the height of the screen as most new homes have a 2.4M ceiling height, but we do not want the image to be flush with the ceiling, as you will end up with ceiling reflection. About 3" ceiling gap at a minimum, any more of a gap is a bonus.

Now you know where you want to be with your screen image, you have to work out that compromise on 2) and 3) where not many people are fortunate enough to have the optimum room size.

If you have painted the whole wall with Screen Goo, you can always fine tune your screen image position and you wont need to compromise screen size to factory screen standards.



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